Friday, 26 September 2008

A relaxing afternoon...

I had a very relaxing afternoon, having a naughty boy bent over My worship/punishment chair, getting birched properly.... I may think he will need some more, and definitely harder strokes with my birch. ..However, there were some birches that actually broke, during the punishment, so I doubt it will withstand another, and harder use of it. It will be tested... As he had to deserve his reward, it was so nice to have him kneeling in front of My worship chair, and make him beg to cum on My boots....The look in his eyes, when I counted down till 1 !!! Like I titled this was a nice and relaxing afternoon, doing what I love to do, at any moment, on any day.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Preparing for a new shoot....

My head is full of new and inventive ideas,for the shoot tomorrow...As I will use My new antique prayer chair, some rope,and my new birch...!
I will tie his pathetic cock and balls to the chair,and watch him get all scared, for what is about to be done to him,and his pathetic cock.The mere thought of this,just sends the most wonderfull feelings through My body,as the naughty boy will have loads of adrenaline pumping through every vain in his slavebody....How utterly exciting this will be for Me,looking in his eyes filled with the pools of submission, as well as fear for what is about to come.And trust Me, I will enjoy every second of the birching the naughty boy will get for his demerit !!! I am sure he wont forget the very simple instructions I have given him to do,very soon....

Sunday, 21 September 2008

a new "toy"...

My slave has found this beautifull prayer chair in an antique store...And has brought it into My study for Me to approve of his find. I must say...the thoughts and fantasies that went through My mind,the scenarios and settings are quite interesting....I make sure that My slave,will "confesses" to every little demeanor he has made,or any other" perverted" thoughts.
There will be no hail mary's enough, for his pathetic cock and balls will be tied to the prayer chair,whilst I cane his slavebumm ! Everytime he will try to get away from My cane,the rope that is tied to his cock and balls,will just pull it tighter,ha,ha,ha,ha....Isnt that a great way to make My slave confess to anything...Even when it isnt true !!!!!!!
Ofcourse, I approved the prayer chair,as it will be very usefull for keeping My slave in line, it looks very nice in the corner of My study,ready for any inferior male creature,or naughty boys to get their "cheeks" proper red....!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

video test

I enjoyed making this little teaser for the true highheel lovers...
As you can see,I was also wearing seamed stockings. And doing the slow swivel around....It was a long day,and after taking My ankleboots of,My slave gave Me a soft and gentle footrub...A good ending of a creative and great day,as you can see on some of My pics I will post...soon.